I & II Peter

A Message for Today's Church from Peter the Apostle

Fisherman, Apostle, Elder, Martyr. The unique experience of Peter forms his teachings on the power of God's grace and the urgent need of the church to prepare for the return of Christ in all ages. From an ancient source comes a relevant message for the modern Christian.

8 episodes

This introductory lesson on Peter's first epistle examines the many facets of Peter's life and begins exploring the different meanings this Apostle attributed to God's grace.
This lesson demonstrates how grace produces a new sobriety in one's soul and the natural spiritual outcome of this new influence.
Peter continues to describe the very real effects of grace on a Christian's character by cultivating a more submissive heart.
Peter continues to list the various ways God's grace affects Christians. In this section, he describes the suffering many Christians experience because of their faith and how to properly respond when it does.
In this final lesson from Peter's first epistle, Mike will review the last of grace's enabling features, Christian service and how Peter says that the leaders of the church should embody this virtue.
In II Peter, the Apostle writes a final letter before his execution in Rome, and in it, he instructs the church concerning the spiritual development they must have to truly experience the Christian life and hope of heaven.
Peter continues his last letter to the church by emphasizing the important role of God's word in the development of the Christian character and the need to be on guard for those who would teach false things in God's name.
In the final chapter of Peter's letter, the Apostle provides the way Christians in every era should respond to discouragement and persecution.