10 Steps to the New Spiritual You

A Small Group Study for Mature Christians

This small group series is devoted to mature Christians who want to take their Christian experience to another level of spirituality.

10 episodes

This introductory lesson and discussion questions will lay out the path taken by the group for this spiritual journey.
In this session, Mike reviews the 4 stages of complete spiritual transformation as well as the second step we need to take towards spiritual maturity.
In this session Mike will explain the condition that permits intimacy to take place - simplicity.
Mike discusses two important features of spiritual maturity and how each supports the other.
This session takes a look at one of the most difficult of the 10 disciplines on the way to spiritual maturity.
In this session Mike corrects some of the misconceptions many people have about prayer.
The complex discipline of humility is examined by reviewing common attitudes, the battle experienced and everyday habits that are connected to this quality.
Mike talks about the relationship between the Holy Spirit's influence and the discipline of self-control.
This session is about sacrifice a discipline that most aligns us with Christ and His life.
In this final session Mike will review the purpose and reward of spiritual disciplines and add the tenth and most critical of these.