I, II & III John for Beginners

This series will provide both a historical and theological overview as well as a textual study of these brief but powerful epistles which are a good source of apologetic material.

6 episodes

Mike begins this study by listing 10 facts about the Apostle John and the heresy that prompted his writing of this epistle.
John lists the first of four ways an individual can be assured of personal salvation.
In this lesson, John explains how one can determine who truly belongs to the Lord, and adds two other ways Christians can be confident about their salvation.
John closes out his first letter with a final way to be confident in salvation and adds a warning about the Antichrist.
This epistle serves as a cover letter for the epistle (I John) that the Apostle has sent to a particular church having problems with false teachers and teachings.
John gives us a view of the inner workings of a first-century church as he mediates a dispute among three men over the issue of hospitality and its role in the life of the early church.