In Love for Life

Building or Rebuilding a Great Marriage

The Bible teaches that a man and a woman are to remain married for life. This course helps couples learn how to love one another in such a way that their marriage will last a lifetime.

13 episodes

The first lesson in our series kicks off with a short history of the idea of love itself and how these have influenced our modern concepts of marriage.
This lesson examines various communication methods and how to improve communication in marriage.
All of us are in a relationship, want to be in a relationship, or in and out of relationships. So this subject is relevant to each of us no matter where we're at. And when we're in a relationship we usually want it to work, no matter what kind of relationship that is.
This lesson examines God's original purposes for sexual union in marriage and the spiritual element necessary to achieve full satisfaction in this complex area of married life.
In this concluding lesson, the class will examine a "case study" of a couple dealing with sexual issues and how the principles we have studied can be applied to resolve their difficulties.
This lesson examines the pressure put on a relationship because of bad money management and provides suggestions on how couples can better address financial issues using a Christian perspective.
There are less instances of divorce among Christians but it still happens. This lesson explores some of the reasons Christians divorce, despite training and teaching to the contrary, and how to avoid this situation.
This lesson will examine the advantages and disadvantages of remaining married or getting a divorce in resolving relationship problems.
This lesson provides biblical advice for those who remarry after losing a spouse through death or divorce.
This class will provide information and statistics concerning blended families and several strategies for successfully integrating two families into one.
This lesson examines the day to day challenges of raising children in a blended family environment.
The final lesson about blended families deals with how to successfully be a step-parent.
The last lesson in this series provides practical biblical advice to both husbands and wives on how to make each other happy.