Dealing with Divorce

Difficult Issues // Biblical Answers

This series will examine the various causes for divorce and how to cope when you or someone close is going through a divorce as well as recovering from a broken marriage.

13 episodes

This lesson reviews what not to do if you want to succeed at marriage.
This class reviews the do's and dont's for those people who are experiencing a divorce in their family circle or among their friends or co-workers.
Mike finishes up this section of the course by laying out some of the basic do's and dont's for people caught up in a personal divorce.
This lesson reviews the basic instructions God provides concerning the subject of sex in marriage.
This lesson focuses on the profile of the typical abuser and reasons why women stay in these types of marital situations.
The second part of this lesson on Domestic Violence examines the Bible's instructions concerning marriages struggling with this problem.
This lesson will deal with the difficult task of balancing one's faith while maintaining a positive relationship with a non-believing spouse.
This lesson examines the impact of the gospel message on those who have been divorced.
This lesson drills down into the arguments for or against a Christian's permission to remarry after a divorce.
In this lesson, Mike outlines various strategies to create happy and healthy subsequent marriages.
In this lesson, Mike gives seven suggestions to single people to help them find the right marriage partner.
In this second part of the Divorce Busters lesson, Mike provides three key suggestions that can help those who are experiencing marriage trouble.
In the final lesson of this series, Mike discusses the various types of love that we express and focuses on the type of love necessary to make a marriage last a lifetime.