Colossians for Beginners

This 12 part series is an easy to understand explanation of Paul's epistle to the Colossian church. In it, the Apostle describes the many facets of Christ's pre-eminence (superiority) in both the physical and spiritual worlds thus establishing the reasons for His Lordship over all.

12 episodes

Background information on the date and circumstance surrounding the writing of this epistle by Paul, the apostle.
Paul argues for the all sufficiency of Christ and His teachings over the false wisdom being touted by heretical teachers.
Paul offers a prayer which will serve as a bridge to the idea that Christ is pre-eminent in their relationship with God.
This lesson continues to develop the thought that Christ is first and foremost as far as a relationship with God is concerned.
The third part of a series of lessons exploring the teaching on Jesus' preeminence in personal relationships.
Paul transitions to a discussion concerning the preeminent position of Jesus' doctrine.
In this lesson the Apostle delves into the heart of the gospel message by listing the blessings accomplished by the cross of Christ. He also encourages the church not to be pulled away from the core doctrine of the cross.
Paul begins to explore another area where Christ is first or preeminent and that is in the determination of what is ultimately right or wrong.
This lesson continues the discussion on Christian ethics and how various elements come together to establish a Christian "Standard" for life and morality.
In this lesson Paul will add the two final elements included in the Christian standard/ethic established by Jesus.
Paul continues describing the standard of living that flows from Jesus' teaching and adds a final feature of that design - an ordered society.
Final review lesson on the Colossian letter focusing on the idea that only Jesus is preeminent in every area of life, history, and the created world.