Christianity for Beginners

This series explains basic topics such as belief in God, the history and writing of the Bible, the person of Jesus, the nature of salvation and more. All presented in an easy-to-understand approach suitable for those less familiar with the Bible or the Christian religion.

7 episodes

This first lesson in the series reviews the reasons why Christians believe in a Supreme Being. This idea is looked at from both a philosophical and theological perspective.
In this lesson, we will examine the Christian religion and see how it compares to the other major religions in the world.
This lesson examines the history of Bible authorship, how the Bible was organized into its present form, and some key reasons why Christians believe that it is inspired by God.
The Christian faith is based on the person of Jesus Christ. In this lesson we will look closely at this person in order to more clearly define His true nature and character.
This lesson lays out the simple yet powerful plan that God has initiated to save mankind from eternal condemnation due to personal sin and how Jesus Christ fits into this plan of salvation.
The church is the physical presence of Jesus Christ in the world today. In this lesson we will examine the New Testament in order to determine what the inspired text says the church should be like and how it should function.
A final lesson describing the new motivation and lifestyle that God has designed for those who are followers of Jesus Christ.