A More Perfect You

The Pursuit of Perfection in Christ

The Bible tells us to seek perfection yet we know that perfection is not attainable in this sinful flesh. These contradictory ideas are reconciled in this study of Christian perfection.

9 episodes

There is something wrong with the title of this series, can you spot it? Here it is: You cannot have a 'more' perfect something or someone. You are perfect or you are not. Once something is perfect (without blemish or error) you cannot improve on it.
For believers, becoming more perfect in Christ is the essence of life. Of course, this only makes sense if you understand that there are two aspects of perfection in the Christian's understanding.
In this lesson, we look at how the Holy Spirit works in creating these states of conditional and actual perfection.
Mike examines the words and ideas that Paul lays before us in Galatians 5 as he describes the actual perfection Christians can achieve through the power of the Holy Spirit.
In this lesson, Mike explains the reasons why the pursuit of Actual Perfection is not another form of "Law keeping."
In this lesson, Mike examines the four groups of activities that Paul describes and condemns as those that will lead a Christian away from the kingdom of God.
In this first of a two-part lesson, Mike describes the way that spiritual life and character are actually produced in the life of every disciple great and small.
In this second lesson, Mike describes in detail the first of the spiritual fruit developed by God's Holy Spirit in man which is love.
Mike closes out the series with a closer look at the spiritual fruit created in the believer as he continues to walk in the Spirit.