II Timothy for Beginners

Although this is a second letter sent by Paul to the young evangelist, Timothy, the tone and circumstances of this communication could not be more different. Commonly regarded as Paul's last epistle, Paul's final letter summarizes his most important teachings and bids a touching farewell to a trusted and loved disciple.

6 episodes

Mike quickly reviews the time and circumstances for the writing of this, Paul's final epistle, and explores the many ideas expressed in Paul's greeting.
Paul encourages Timothy to remain faithful and describes several ways that Timothy could assure himself that he was keeping this charge.
Paul provides Timothy with both examples and motivation to remain faithful in his service to the church.
In this section, Paul details the various activities Timothy needs to pursue in order to carry out an effective ministry in a church where he faces opposition from false teachers.
Paul transitions from encouragement and instructions to warnings about the dangerous people Timothy will face in the world as well as in the church.
In this final section, Paul will provide Timothy the reasons and resources necessary to be successful in ministry as well as in life.