Modesty is Always in Style

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They say that if you keep your clothes long enough they'll come back into style. I guess the idea is that style is ever changing but never very new.

It seems that one style that is coming back this summer is the very short dress and very short "shorts" for women. This is always a challenge for Christian females - how to keep up with styles without compromising what is proper.

Of course, when it comes to proper dress, the thing to remember is that modesty is always in style, and not only for church wear but for everyday wear as well. To be dressed modestly for church and then wear revealing clothing elsewhere is hypocritical to say the least.

Modesty is an attitude that should define the way a Christian woman dresses and carries herself in and out of church. Here are a few suggestions in order to help define modesty in dress:

1. Dress to FIT the occasion. Worship is serious and reverent, baseball is fun and active - try to dress appropriately for each.

2. Dress to FIT your body. Clothing that reveals your body is immodest - to provoke someone else to lust or examine you is as sinful for you as it is for them.

3. Dress to FIT your budget. Some dress to show themselves, others do it to show off - both are based in pride, not exactly a Christian attitude.

The revealing of our bodies is reserved for our spouses; God wants us to reveal our spirit to all others. This can only be accomplished through modesty in dress and boldness in goodness and purity. Watch how you dress because others are watching you - including the Lord.