Mary was a Single Mom

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We never describe her this way but with Joseph dead, Mary was a single mother of seven by the time she was middle-aged. She would have easily fit into the modern-day statistics that count one out of every three households headed up by a single parent.

By today's standards, however, she would be very special because as a single mother she managed to accomplish several things that are increasingly difficult for today's single moms.

1. She was faithful to her calling.

Mary maintained her role as a mother despite the change in her circumstances. The idea that single parents used to become both parents for their children is false. If anything, single parents need to become better (not both) moms or dads for their children.

2. She was faithful to her children.

Mary was at the wedding in Cana, she was at the foot of the cross. Through all the ups and downs she reassured her children that she was there for them, even when she didn't understand. Kids can put up with less things, but not with less parents, especially when they only have one.

3. She was faithful to her Lord.

In the end, Mary was in the upper room with the disciples. She lost her husband and her son but she never lost her faith.

Being a mother is never easy and made more difficult when you're alone to do it. However, like Mary, being a faithful mother will guarantee your soul and provide the way for your family whether you have a husband to share it with or not.