Lord Will Provide

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Christians live by the promises of God. One such promise is found in the book of Psalms,

They (the righteous) will not be ashamed in the time of evil; and in the days of famine, they will have abundance.
- Psalm 37:19

It is easy for us to take comfort in the idea that the Lord will "provide" when the freezer is full and everybody has a job. The real challenge is to believe this when our visible means of support is threatened or we are asked to give or serve beyond our strength.

The promise is that even in bad times God will provide for those who belong to Him. This knowledge should motivate us to several things in our lives:

1. We shouldn't worry so much.

It's OK to be concerned when life gets rough. God wants us to care for ourselves as best we can – He just doesn't want us to worry because worry suggests doubt in His promises. God promises that He will provide at all times!

2. We should practice generosity.

God is not glorified when our giving doesn't minimize our wealth or well-being. Our faith is not challenged if we refuse to give during our financial "hard times". God will even provide something extra so we can give Him a gift.

3. We should praise God.

Good times or bad, God is always worthy of our praise. When we are rich, we can praise Him for our blessings, when we are struggling, we can praise Him because we know that He has the power to provide what we need, regardless of the circumstances.

What great peace of mind we experience when we put our confidence in the promises of God rather than our own plans, potential or pocketbooks.