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1 minute read

Over the years I've learned that the difference between sin and no sin is about one extra minute of self control.

Take doughnuts for example. Whenever I eat them I pay a terrible price "digestively" speaking. But the allure of Tim Horton's – "I'm just going in for a decaf" – and the smell of that freshly baked produce invariably makes me add a Boston Creme donut to my coffee when my turn finally comes to order. If I had only held out for one more minute there'd be no midnight regret.

Of course this is not an empty minute. That make-or-break moment needs to be used to remind yourself of the consequences of what you're about to do as a response to the self serving question, "Why not?" I'm sure if I could hear the devil speak, these would be the first words out of his mouth. I would also add a cry for help from God...if there would be time left in that minute.

The other night I came home late and hungry and there on the counter was a chocolate glaze beauty calling my name. It took less than a minute to put it in the trash (not before I squeezed to see if it was still fresh). I only regretted my action for a moment but that night as I slept comfortably and painlessly, I had hours to enjoy what that minute of self control provided.

Next time I'm going to use my extra minute approach for an even greater challenge – May West!