Hi, I'm Mike Mazzalongo and this is a brief introduction to the Devos on discipleship series you're about to use. First of all each Devo in this series is between three to five minutes long on a variety of topics related to the idea of discipleship. After the devotional message is over, 5 discussion questions based on the devo will appear. Simply pause the video on each question to give your small group (or class) time to discuss and share. If time is at a premium, whoever is facilitating the groups can review the questions ahead of time and pick the ones most suitable to the group or add other questions for discussion. I pray that this material is a blessing to you and I remind you that more free Bible teaching resources can be obtained at BibleTalk.tv. Thank you and God bless you in your study.

"We are a small congregation with no full-time minister. We have depended on video material from BibleTalk.tv for quality scriptural lessons that would have otherwise been unavailable to us. While we do supplement this with visiting preachers, Mike's work has been the cornerstone of our Sunday morning sermons."

Bill Schlarb, Bruce Veinot
for the Ottawa West Church of Christ