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When people compliment you on your friends, you know your friend is special. Such was the case this week as so many of you noted the kindness and generosity of our friends, Allen and Barbara Arnold, from Oklahoma.
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When people compliment you on your friends, you know your friends are special. Such was the case when many people noted the kindness and the generosity of our friends, Alan and Barbara Arnold, from Oklahoma City. They and their family organized and carried out our move from Oklahoma City to San Diego, California.

From loading a 26-foot truck and driving it while towing our other car in a three-vehicle convoy through the worst winter storm in a decade, to unloading our furniture at the church apartment located on the second floor, no less, they did it all.

Now, friendship has all kinds of quality assurance tests, but none greater than the test of time. By this, I'm not referring to how long a friendship has lasted; length of friendship is a reward, not a test. No, I mean how much of your time you're willing to invest in your friend and your common friendship.

This last month, Alan has demonstrated that he is definitely a full-time friend, because he has made our move his number one time commitment. We, of course, are blessed by this, because he has helped us make a difficult adjustment to a new home and job. We're also blessed because the binding of our love for one another has been strengthened by his family's sacrifice on our behalf.

Our contact will now be reduced to emails and the occasional call, but our friendship remains a full-time commitment.

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