Forever Thanksgiving

Devo by:

We'd be selfish and rude if we didn't give thanks or at least feel appreciative for the abundance we have here in America. There is much to be thankful for, most of it too obvious to ignore.

But is you were asked to choose just one precious possession, what would you hang on to? What one thing would you cling to if everything was taken away (never mind how, just imagine losing every meaningful thing except one) which would it be?

If you thought – child, or spouse, or health, you'd have failed my little quiz. You see, we are destined to lose everything one day, everything except our own individual soul. It's the only thing we get to keep forever. After everything and everyone are stripped from us in one way or another, the soul lives on.

Here's the point. On this Thanksgiving Day if you're going to give "thanks" don't forget to say Thank You for your God-like soul. Oh yes, let's remember to give thanks for family, wealth and good times. But, most of all, let's be mindful of our everlasting soul that will be thanking and praising God forever.