Grace in the Book of Romans

The grace of God is powerfully revealed and described in the story of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection, and nowhere is the grace of God more eloquently explained than in the book of Romans.

Introduction to Grace in Romans
In this introductory lesson, Mike looks at a key passage in the first chapter that summarizes the entire epistle.
Renouncing of Grace
Paul begins his epistle by explaining the universality of sinfulness and how it has affected mankind.
Renouncing of Grace
Paul continues to describe the basis for the universal condemnation of mankind.
Response of Grace
In this lesson, Mike explains how God has responded to man's rejection of God's initial offer of grace.
Response of Grace
This section of Romans contains the reason why and the method how God's grace was revealed to sinful man.
Response of Grace
In this class, we look at the Law and Abraham as we begin chapter 4 of Romans. We'll also take a short 6 question "Faith Check" quiz.
Response of Grace
In this lesson, Paul answers a third question concerning salvation: "What does salvation give me?"
Response of Grace
Paul continues to answer questions that his readers might ask concerning what he has written. In this section, he answers the possible question "if compliance to rules cannot save me, why should I even try?"
Response of Grace
Paul continues with his answer to the question, "If I am under grace, why should I try to obey the Law?" In this section, he will respond to this question from an experiential instead of an historical perspective.
Saved yet Struggling
Paul breaks off his general discussion on grace in order to focus on his personal struggle with sin.
The Request of Grace
Paul explains what this grace demands and how that very same grace enables us to meet those demands.
The Refusal of Grace
Paul answers a critical question concerning the Jews - "Why weren't the Jews saved?"
The Result of Grace
Paul concludes his teaching on grace by describing the final results in a person's life after being saved by faith in response to God's grace.