Philippians for Beginners

Maturing in Christ

Philippians is the Apostle Paul's most joyful letter in which he shares rich and encouraging spiritual insights with a church he loved and, because of his imprisonment, greatly missed.

Introduction to Philippians
In this introductory lesson, Mike will review the history and unusual background of the city of Philippi along with the beginnings of the church there and the occasion of his writing of this epistle.
Paul's Greeting and Prayer
After Paul's brief greeting the Apostle sets forth in prayer the manner in which he directs the Philippians to pursue spiritual development and its ultimate result.
Paul's Condition
This portion of Philippians provides us with a rare glimpse of Paul's feelings concerning his personal situation and how he resolved an important dilemma facing him and his ministry.
The Mature Christian Stands Firm and Imitates Christ
In this section, Paul lays out the journey for one who would be mature in Christ and includes the fascinating transformation Christ underwent in His incarnation as man.
The Mature Christian Rejoices in Trial
Paul uses his situation and coworkers to sketch out how a mature Christian uses trials to make a statement about Christ and his faith.
The Mature Christian Seeks Righteousness by Faith
This series continues with Paul explaining and comparing both the physical and spiritual circumcisions as well as the teachers who promote each of these.
The Mature Christian Seeks Righteousness by Faith
Paul concludes his argument that the gospel he has preached and modeled is superior in its ability to save and reward those who believe and remain faithful to the end.
The Mature Christian Lives Righteously
In the final section of his letter, Paul reviews the elements that demonstrate Christian maturity in one's life and the ultimate blessing that these bring to the believer who pursues them.