Marriage Prep 101

Getting Ready for the Big Day

This series is designed for those hoping to marry or re-marry. It will provide information to help shorten the learning curve in relationship building and establishing priorities and guidelines when seeking a mate for life.

Desperately Seeking Someone
This first lesson in the series deals with one of the most stressful and discouraging phases in life, searching for a suitable marriage partner.
Mature Enough for Marriage?
The very first thing that couples need to know if they want to have a loving marriage is the difference between romance and love.
What to Look for in a Man
This lesson looks at the type of things to look for in a man that makes him true marriage material.
What to Look for in a Woman
In this lesson, Mike reviews what the Bible describes when it refers to an ideal spouse.
Top 10 Marriage Myths
Mike compares some of the common misunderstandings about marriage in our modern society to God's original design for this union.
Now that We are Together
In this session, Mike discusses the various life changes that take place once a couple is officially married.
The 4 A's of a Successful Marriage
Everyone expects to be happy when they marry but few understand the basic ingredients necessary to reach and sustain this goal.
The 4 A's of a Successful Marriage
Mike concludes this two-part lesson by reviewing the four important things married people need to do for each other in order to improve and thus create happiness in their relationship.
What Makes a Marriage Christian?
In this lesson, Mike reviews not only God's plan for all marriages but what elements are necessary to make this union Christian in nature.
Keeping Love Alive and Finding it Again When You Lose it
This lesson offers some practical and effective ways to mature existing love and rekindle marital love that has grown cold.
The Blessings of Marital Fidelity
Mike reviews the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of faithfulness in marriage.
8 Steps to Intimacy
In this lesson, Mike reviews the true meaning, value and method of creating as well as maintaining the core element of every successful marriage, intimacy.
Great Sex for Life
Mike finishes the series by revealing the key ingredient necessary to maintain and improve sexual intimacy.