Gospel of John

Jesus the God/Man

This study of the fourth gospel by John the Apostle lays out the case for Jesus' dynamic nature as the God/Man and the various reactions people had when confronted by this amazing reality.

In the opening verses of chapter one John goes back before the beginning of time to introduce Jesus and His relationship to God.
John's Witness
John picks up the earthly history of Jesus' ministry with a description of John the Baptist's work in preparing the people for the arrival of the Messiah.
The Pattern of Witness
In this lesson we explore the pattern of witness used by the apostle John, John the Baptist, and Jesus Himself to recruit disciples.
Miracle at Cana
In this lesson, we witness the first of Jesus' amazing miracles that establish His God/Man nature.
The Cleansing of the Temple
In this lesson, we will examine the layout of the Temple in Jerusalem and the reasons why Jesus expelled the money changers and merchants.
Changed by Faith
Nicodemus gains 3 important insights concerning the change needed in order to enter into the kingdom of God.
The Mystery Revealed
In this lesson Mike summarizes God's plan of salvation kept secret from angels and prophets.
John's Final Witness
John describes John the Baptist's reaction to the growth of Jesus' ministry and the decline of his own.
The Woman at the Well
Jesus uses an encounter with the woman at the well in Samaria to reveal His true identity.
Jesus' Method of Personal Evangelism
In the encounter with the woman at the well, Jesus demonstrates His method of multiplication evangelism.
Taking God at His Word
In this lesson Jesus teaches that the essence of faith is believing God based on His Word and not relying on "signs" or miracles.
Six Ways to Lose Your Soul
In His response to the attacks by the Pharisees Jesus describes a variety of ways to lose one's soul. Each of these being demonstrated by the Jewish leaders who were opposing Him.
Two Promises from Jesus
In chapter 6 of John, Jesus performs mighty miracles to prove His divine nature and makes two important promises to His followers.
Belief is a Must
Jesus continues His dialogue with the unbelieving crowd and emphasizes that belief is a must if they are to receive the 2 promises He makes to them.
Jesus Knows His Own
In this final section of Jesus' dialogue with an unbelieving crowd, the Lord sets forth the acid test for true discipleship.
Jesus in Jerusalem
In this lesson we examine the dialogue that Jesus has with various groups during one of His trips to Jerusalem.
The Pharisees' Attack
More dialogue between Jesus and a woman caught in adultery as well as His denunciation of the hypocritical Jewish leaders.
The Healing and the Attack
Jesus performs a great miracle and is immediately attacked by His enemies in the Jewish leadership. This lesson details the dialogue the Lord has with the Pharisees.
Jesus Rebukes the Jewish Leaders
The parable of the Good Shepherd points to both the failings of the Jewish leadership and the eventual redemptive work of the true leader and shepherd of Israel.
The Resurrection of Lazarus
The death and resurrection of Lazarus are viewed from the eyes of the principal characters who witnessed this great miracle by Jesus.
Reaction to Lazarus' Resurrection
In this section John describes the reaction that various people had to Lazarus' miraculous resurrection.
The Last Supper
The final hours of Jesus' life begin with the Passover meal with His Apostles where He will demonstrate both His power and humility.
Jesus' Final Teaching - Part 1
John recounts four dialogues that Jesus has with different apostles after they had shared the Passover meal.
Jesus' Final Teaching - Part 2
Jesus continues teaching and encouraging His disciples before He is betrayed by Judas.
Jesus' Final Teaching - Part 3
In this section of the Lord's final teaching, He encourages the Apostles as He reviews with them what will take place in the near future.
Jesus' Final Teaching - Part 4
In this last portion of Jesus' time with the Apostles before His death, the Lord makes what has been referred to as His "High Priestly" prayer where He prays for Himself, the Apostles and future generation of Christians.
The Passion - Part 1
John begins to describe the events that lead up to Jesus' torture and crucifixion.
The Passion - Part 2
This lesson examines the various trials and leaders Jesus faced before He is ultimately condemned to the cross. John also provides a brief description of the scene at the crucifixion.
Death / Burial / Resurrection
The apostle John provides the details surrounding the actual burial of Christ as well as the flow of events immediately after Jesus' resurrection.
Appearances to the Apostles
In this lesson, we will review the 11 recorded appearances of Jesus after His resurrection and final ascension into heaven.
Gospel of John Review
A final look at the entire gospel and summary of its main theme. This lesson also includes a review test with questions over the entire book.