Foundation Book of the Bible

A 50 lesson series that covers all 50 chapters of Genesis. From creation to the flood and on to Abraham finishing with Joseph in Egypt. A complete study of the first book in the Bible.


Book of Origins
In this introductory lesson we will examine the 14 different things and events whose origins are found in the book of Genesis.
The Foundational Verse of the Bible
In this lesson we will demonstrate how the very first verse of the Bible refutes the major philosophies that try to explain man's existence without reference to God.
Old Earth vs. Young Earth
In this lesson, we will discuss the major arguments supporting the young (6,000 to 10,000 years) versus the old (millions to billions of years) age of the earth.
Day #2 and #3
The lesson describes the creation of the "heavens" and the peculiar atmosphere that existed in the pre-flood era.
Day #5
This lesson reviews God's creation activity on day #5. The class also provides a quiz over the material covered so far.
God's Rest and Man's Creation
This lesson continues to describe in greater detail the creation of human beings as well as the nature of the "rest" God takes after His creative activity.
The Creation of Woman
In this section the writer of Genesis not only describes the unique creation of woman but also sets forth God's foundational principles for marriage and the family unit.
The First Appearance of Satan in the Bible
This lesson explains the first glimpse of Satan in the physical world and examines information about this spiritual being from various Bible writers.
Seed of Promise
In this section of Genesis the author identifies and traces the lineage of those people who will eventually deliver the Seed of Promise to mankind.
The Times of Noah
This lesson looks at the condition of the antediluvian world that Noah lived in and examines the information the Bible gives us about this Old Testament Patriarch.
The Building of the Ark
This lesson contains many details concerning the dimensions and building of the Ark as well as its use as a "type" for the church.
Flood Details
In this lesson, we get a "close-up" view of the final preparations for the impending flood and physical details concerning the cause and destructive power of this cataclysmic event.
Effects of the Great Flood
The book of Genesis records the extent of the damage caused by the worldwide flood and the changes that resulted from this cataclysmic event.
The Rainbow Covenant
This lesson explains the promises made by God to Noah concerning the survival of his family and Noah's prophecy about the future of each of his sons and their descendants.
The Table and the Tower
Lesson #26 looks at two fascinating source events that explain the origins of all the different nations and languages in the world today.
Abraham: Father of a Nation
With the beginning of chapter twelve, the book of Genesis focuses once again on one specific individual. This time the writers will detail the life of Abraham who was to become the father of the Jewish nation and how the Seed of Promise was kept alive through him.
Abraham and Lot
This lesson reviews the relationship between Abraham and his nephew Lot as well as the godly wisdom the family leader used to resolve a serious dispute.
Sarai and Hagar's Conflict / Abram and Circumcision
This lesson looks a the very source of the Jewish/Arab conflict as well as the distinguishing mark given to Abraham and all his male descendants... circumcision.
Lot's Poor Choices
In this lesson, we see the very real consequences of Lot's choices concerning where he chose to live with his family after separating from Abraham.
The Source of Islam
In chapters 20 and 21 of Genesis, we read about Abraham's continued walk of faith and a description of the people who were the source for the religion of Islam.
Types in Genesis
This lesson reviews some important types or previews that are contained in Genesis and realized centuries later in the New Testament.
The Life of Esau and Jacob
After the death of Abraham, the promise is passed on to one of his sons but not without difficulty and division in his family.
The Battle for the Blessing
In this lesson, we will see the outcome of Jacob's deceit in obtaining Esau's blessing and how God's will is completed despite the manipulations of men.
Jacob's Family
In this section of Genesis, we learn how Jacob came to have two wives who would, in addition to their female slaves, bear the 12 sons of Jacob.
Jacob Leaves Laban
After 20 years of service, Jacob prepares for his departure from Laban by offering him a potentially lucrative proposal.
Jacob and Esau - Round 2
After gathering his wives and children and leaving Laban behind, Jacob faces the dangerous confrontation with his brother Esau who had vowed to kill him because of his deception in the matter of the blessing from Isaac.
On The Run Again
After a long period of silence Jacob's story picks up again as his sons cause trouble and we see Jacob in the familiar role of being on the run.
The Beginning of the End
This lesson begins the story of Joseph, Jacob's son with Rachel, who will become the bridge for the family's travel to and 400 year settlement in Egypt.
Judah and Tamar
The story of Jacob's family focuses in on one particular son, Judah, through whom the Messiah would eventually come, and examines his unusual relationship with his daughter-in-law Tamar.
Joseph's Story
After explaining Judah's connection to the coming Messiah, the Genesis writers finish their narrative with the telling of Joseph's story.
From Prison to Prince
After languishing in prison for several years Joseph is called upon to interpret Pharaoh's dreams and in doing so successfully is transformed from being a prisoner to becoming a prince of Egypt.
Reunion and Reconciliation
After reuniting with his brothers after a separation of 20 years, Joseph lays a plan that will determine if a reconciliation will be possible.
Family Reunion
This lesson describes the final episode in Joseph's story where Jacob, Joseph and their families are reunited and settled in Egypt.
Jacob's Prophecies
At the end of his life Jacob gives each of his sons a prophecy concerning their future. This event along with the death of both Jacob and Joseph will close out the Genesis record.