II Corinthians for Beginners

Unlike l Corinthians, II Corinthians is a subjective book. I Corinthians teaches the church how to do things and how Christians conduct themselves in various situations. II Corinthians reveals what it is like to be an Apostle.

Review of I Corinthians
In order to understand II Corinthians, it is assumed that you have studied I Corinthians, and since there is no guarantee that this is so, I'd like to begin with a brief review of Paul's first letter to the Corinthians.
The Experience of Apostleship
In the introductory chapter, Mike provides some basic information about Corinth and its people as well as the church and the background of these letters.
Apostolic Explanation
In this section of II Corinthians, Paul the Apostle will offer his readers an explanation concerning his conduct which had been questioned by some at Corinth.
Apostolic Ministry
Paul the Apostle describes his ministry and gives a comparison of his work to that of the false teachers.
Apostolic Fellowship
Our general idea of fellowship is usually the socializing we participate in while at church. These are common types of fellowship but not the only kinds described in the Bible.
Apostolic Defense
In this section, Paul explains why he is a true Apostle and then shows us how he exercises his Apostolic authority over this church.