Day #8

Why does God's Word contain four accounts of the life of Jesus?


Today you will be reading Mark 1-5. Mark is a more concise version of what you read in Matthew. Luke and John will also tell of the life of Jesus. Why does God's Word contain four accounts of the life of Jesus? Because Jesus is what we are all about.


Each gospel looks at Christ from a slightly different angle. When combined, the four gospels give us a clearer picture of our Lord. Read Mark 1-5 at this time.

Do you remember the way you did your quiet time on day four? Do the same with this passage. In your notes write, God said, "(your name), I would like to see you work on…" Write out the message God spoke to you as you were reading the first chapters of Mark.

After you finish, write out your prayer the same way you did on day four. Prayer has not been mentioned every day, but hopefully you are spending time each day talking with your Heavenly Father.

Write out your memory verse from yesterday in your notes without looking. Then grade yourself to see how well you know Matthew 28:18-20.

If you have difficulty reading, you may want to think about finding a recorded copy of the Bible. There are free ones on the internet and also phone downloads of audio Bibles. Listening and reading at the same time can enhance your comprehension of what you are studying. Be sure you read along, though. Simply listening to the tape is too shallow, and you tend to get distracted by other things if your eyes are not busy along with your ears. Bible bookstores carry the Bible on CDs.