Day #22

The Gospel of John teaches us how to identify a true Christian.
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As you read John 12-16 today look for the identifying marks of a Christian. They will be discussed in today's exercise.


The Gospel of John teaches us how to identify a true Christian. Consider the following passages:

  • 4:24 - A true worshipper is one who must worship in spirit and in truth.
  • 8:31 - A true disciple holds to the teachings of Jesus.
  • 10:14 - Jesus' true sheep know their Shepherd.
  • 12:26 - True followers of Jesus will go only where He would go, do only what He would do.
  • 13:35 - True disciples will love the other disciples.
  • 15:8 - True disciples bear lasting fruit for God.

Before you became a Christian, you had to admit you were lost. That was hard, but it can be even harder to admit your friends and relatives may not be saved. Your loved ones may be religious and/or morally good, but that does not mean they are saved. Are they worshipping in spirit and truth? Do they hold to Jesus' teachings? You will not be urgent about leading others to salvation if you cannot accept the fact that the lost are lost. Only when their condition bothers you, will you do something about it. This may be difficult for you to accept. You are not their judge, but you need to be resolved in your own mind that people need Jesus, and if you care you will say something to them.

Jesus was indisputably the greatest leader the world has ever known. While many lead with an iron fist, Jesus led with a towel and a wash basin, John 13:5. Write some of your thoughts about what you have observed so far about the way Jesus leads others.