Christian Style Christmas

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At one time or another I've tried and taught most of the ideas that Christians think about Christmas and its celebration; denouncing it, ignoring it or simply accepting its inevitability. Recently I read (of all things, a bulletin article) about another approach to the season suggested by Bob Anderson out at the Tecumseh congregation. His idea was simply to Christianize Christmas.

If a biblical idea had been appropriated by the world and transformed into a marketing vehicle, why not simply take it back and restore it to being a Christian concept and celebration? Here's a few suggestions on how this could be accomplished:

  1. Send greeting cards with biblical art and messages.
  2. Emphasize Jesus in holiday decorations at home. The kids can learn about Santa and Frosty on TV – let your home be filled with reminders that Jesus was born, did live and died, and was resurrected.
  3. Consider faith affirming gifts. For example, a study Bible or a book by Max Lucado or even a Bible verse calendar, etc.
  4. Pick a needy family and help anonymously.
  5. Read Luke 2:1-20 before tearing into the gifts under the tree. To these I add the following two:
  6. Make sure you attend church services with the family to honor Jesus in the way He has commanded us to do so.
  7. Find a moment to gather the family and pray in thankfulness for all the blessings of the past year.

The Christmas feast is in the world and we are in the world, but we can avoid being of the world by not allowing society to dictate how we will honor Him at this particular time. Come, let us adore Him