Born Again Virgins

December, 2011

Recently I heard a report on the radio about a movement where people were once again choosing to remain celibate before marriage. A spokesperson for this group explained that reclaiming one's sexuality in this way was an effort to produce sexual rebirth and renewal.

I don't want to be a spoiler here but the idea has both good and bad things going for it. First, the good. When people choose to bring their sexual conduct in line with God's plan (whether they acknowledge Him or not) they have made a wise decision. There can only be beneficial results when people make an effort to control themselves and avoid casual sexual contact outside the security and framework of marriage.

On the negative side, however, there is a misunderstanding concerning the issue of "rebirth." To deny oneself sexual activity until a suitable partner and marriage come along is certainly prudent and closer to the ideal that God has established for this area of life. However, this change only effects our lifestyle, not the condition of our souls. Only spiritual rebirth (the kind Jesus creates in us) renews the whole person - mind, body and spirit.

My encouragement to those who are signing up for this movement is by all means, go ahead, renew your efforts at sexual purity and see the great emotional and physical rewards this will bring. When it comes to being "born again" however, only a complete burial of the old person in the waters of Christian baptism can make us virginally pure in the eyes of God and the depths of our conscience.