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From Atheist to Preacher

Publisher - Yeomen Press
Curtis takes readers on an exhilarating journey from his childhood experiences in a small community church, his earliest attempts to discover and please God, his self-indulgent pursuit of pleasure that led him into sin and unbelief, and the wonderful people God used to open his eyes, his heart, and his mind to the truth about the gospel of Jesus Christ. His story is gritty. It is real. Curtis shares some unflattering details about his life before Christ and without Christ, but he also demonstrates by example, the kind of relentless evangelism that never gives up until truth is shared, understood, and obeyed.

I encourage you to read this book as an example of how every Christian, just like Curtis’ friend, Jeff Trujillo, can effectively share the gospel with others. Read the book and imitate Jeff’s example, or share the book with a non-Christian friend, and pray that by reading about how Curtis went from an atheist to a preacher, that they might be open to learning more about how God’s word can lead them on a similar journey from the darkness of this world into the light of life in Christ.

- Tim Lewis
Minister of the Gospel
North MacArthur Church of Christ, OKC
160 Pages
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