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Actions and Reactions

A Study of the Book of Acts

This book is designed to bring glory to God by helping those seeking a relationship with Him as well as believers who desire to strengthen their relationship with God to do so. This work does not review all of the actions contained in the book of Acts but instead it focuses on the major actions and reactions of the church in the first century. From these we learn and are encouraged to carry out our own mission today. The overall desired outcome of these lessons is for us to grow spiritually through the study and application of God’s word in Luke’s inspired writings.

The early Christians faithfully carried out their mission received from the Lord which was to take the gospel to all of the world, and they did this despite of incredible opposition. At times, it seems that Satan was winning as numerous trials were forced upon those seeking only to do good. Their resolve was supported by an unwavering faith in our Lord, their unshakeable devotion to the mission and loving support from their fellow Christians.
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