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12. The Covenant Between God and Israel
God Gives Moses the Plans for the Tabernacle - Part 2
Mike reviews the priestly garments, the consecration process, types of sacrifices and God's final summary and instructions to Moses.
Exodus 25:1-31:18
Common Vs. Holy
Ezekiel outlines the duties of the newly appointed priests and he says that one of their tasks was to teach the people the difference between what is holy and what is common; what is clean and unclean.
Fathers and Sons
When I was fifty two years old I learned that my father was not my real father. The man I had known as "dad" was long dead by the time this revelation came so it did not change anything between him and me.
Peace, Perfect Peace
We can't help but witness the most recent war in the Middle East between Israel and Lebanon. While this battle rages on, the British police foil an attempt by terrorists to hijack and destroy 10 planes while they flew from London to the United States.
Too Busy?
In our fast paced society it is often difficult to determine the difference between busy and too busy. The following 7 statements should help busy people (especially Christians).
The Inspiration of the Bible
​Nobody just reads the Bible and says, "I think this book is inspired." It's not just a logical deduction. The Bible actually says this about itself in different places. Doesn't it seem natural that an inspired book would claim this about itself? The Old Testament takes this idea for granted since it continually describes dialogue between God and man.