Book Mike for Your Event

You can invite Mike Mazzalongo, producer and teacher for the website, to speak at your church service, retreat, seminar or event. He can develop a theme or work with your own titles in order to produce an effective presentation for your project. Booking information for dates, cost and details about Mike’s ministry are listed below.

Potential Seminar Titles

Other potential series include:
World Religions, Stressbusters, the use of Media in the Work of the Church and many more titles based on various books of the Bible.

Seminars can be tailored over several days, in retreat settings or Sunday AM/PM service schedule.

About the Bible Teacher

Mike Mazzalongo
Mike Mazzalongo has been a Bible teacher and preacher since 1979. He has served as Dean of Students at Oklahoma Christian University. Mike’s first book, “Gay Rights or Wrongs” was published in 1995 by College Press, and he has written over 30 other books since that time. He presently serves as the Education and Media Minister for the Choctaw Church of Christ located in the Oklahoma City area. Learn more about Mike and see his Ministry Timeline→

"We are a small congregation with no full-time minister. We have depended on video material from for quality scriptural lessons that would have otherwise been unavailable to us. While we do supplement this with visiting preachers, Mike's work has been the cornerstone of our Sunday morning sermons."

Bill Schlarb, Bruce Veinot
for the Ottawa West Church of Christ