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Guide by:
Hal Gatewood


Roku is now requiring channels that have been built a certain way to change to their new specifications. After reviewing what is required, we have decided to discontinue our Roku channel and encourage those using it to access our content through the official YouTube Roku Channel.

One benefit of this will be that you can access our material in up to 4K quality. We have also noticed recently that videos have randomly stopped showing on our current channel without us making these changes. This should, hopefully, not happen in the YouTube channel.

Thanks for your understanding,
Hal Gatewood
Technology Manager

To access videos on your Roku, please use the official YouTube channel for Roku. It can be installed through this link:

YouTube Channel on Roku

Part 1: How to Install the YouTube Chanel on Your Roku

Here are some steps on how to install the YouTube channel on your Roku device, then in part 2 below I will show you how to access in the YouTube channel.

1. Search for YouTube

In the left navigation of your Roku main screen, look for the word Search and select it using your remote.

2. Search for "YouTube"

In the search field, search for the word YouTube. It will probably show up before you finish typing the whole word.

3. Select YouTube Channel

As you type look in the right portion of your screen, search results will begin to show. When you see YouTube, select it.

4. Add Channel

On the Roku store display page for YouTube, you should see an 'Add Channel' button in the lower left of the screen. Select it.

5. Channel Loading.

The channel may take a little time and give you progress reports as you go. When finished it will display Channel added, select "OK."

6. Open the YouTube Channel

Because you just installed the channel, you will still be on the YouTube store display page. You can launch the channel by selecting "Open channel."

However, normally when you turn on your Roku, you will see the YouTube channel on your main home screen like this:

Part 2: Access on the YouTube Roku channel

You should now have the YouTube Roku channel installed on your device, and know how to open the channel from the main screen. Now let's see how to discover inside the YouTube channel.

1. Search

Like you did on the Roku home screen, on the YouTube home screen click the left arrow button on your remote to bring up the YouTube navigation options and look for Search.

2. Enter

In the search field enter BibleTalk or Search results will update as you type and you should look for the official blue BT logo and @bibletalktv to confirm you have the correct one. Select the channel.

3. Navigating the Channel

You should now see the main page for our channel.

Tip: If you subscribe to our channel, it will be easier to find our content in the future. Also, if you are watching a series, it should recommend the next video in the series to watch when you come back. You can subscribe by navigating to and selecting the 'Subscribe' button in the top right corner of the screen.

4. Finding Content

On our main screen you can navigate downward through our collections and playlists.

If you get to the very bottom you should see all of our series in the "Created playlists" row (note: series are called Playlists in YouTube).

Tip: If you are logged in with the same account that you use elsewhere for YouTube, you can save videos for later on your phone which will make them easier to find on your Roku.

5. Navigating a Series

If you've found a series you'd like to watch, select it to see all the videos for that series. Navigating downward will move you through the series.

Selecting the thumbnail will make the video play and should be in the quality of the TV you are using to access it.

You can also use the 'Save to Library' button on the left to keep track of the series you are using.