Using on Apple TV

Guide by:
Hal Gatewood

The video above shows a quick overview of the new app for new Apple TVs. It also walks you through how to install it.

How to Use on an older Apple TV that doesn't support the new Apps

If you need help setting up your Apple TV to your TV, Apple has documentation available. Once you have your Apple TV functioning properly and connected to the internet, you can follow these steps to access our videos directly on your TV.

Step #1

Look for the YouTube channel on your Apple TV and click to enter. If you do not see it, make sure your Apple TV is up-to-date. To update your device please follow these instructions.

Step #2

The first item in the top navigation is 'Search.' Click that button and you will be presented with a search form. In that Search box enter ''

Step #3

After typing in the search form, in 'Search Results' in the right column look for our channel. Once it appears you can click on it to view our videos.

Step #4

The latest videos will show up and you can scroll downward to view our different series. There is a subscribe button at the top if you have a YouTube account. Subscribing will make accessing our site content easier in the future.