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Here are some of the comments we have received. Please contact us to let us know the ways BibleTalk has impacted you or how you are sharing it with others.
This is the only time I’ve listened to a sermon and absolutely ALL of the glory goes to God. You truly are learning more about our God and His word, not about a particular church or pastor. I listen everyday and plan to continue to do so. Thank you! Thank you!
- PV
Some years ago, I had a spat with God and decided we would no longer be on speaking terms. You can only imagine how that turned out. Some friends of mine came to the rescue recently and in my new journey I found your ministry and “James for Beginners” turned the ship. Thanks in large part to you, I am compelled a 1,000 miles away to be baptized by immersion and for the right reasons. Thanks for that! Maybe one day we will meet and I can shake your hand. Just know that in the meantime your work is producing miracles in hard hearted folks like me. Thanks!
- Paul
I’m a beginner in the Church from Ghana (W/R).I have begin to follow your teachings on “Luke/Acts.”God bless you for the good works done.
- Emanuel
Thank you so much for your reply and recommendation. I am very happy to let you know that I contacted the church and my husband and I got baptized today and our family will attend service for the first time tomorrow. I continue to watch your videos and give thanks to God for putting them on my path. Thank you again and God bless!
- Janet, Miami
I wish to write my heartfelt thanks to you and your team for producing such wonderful teachings.  I am on my journey of getting to know more about our Lord Jesus. Though I was baptized over twenty years ago. I have just recently returned to God and begun my spiritual journey.  I wish to step up in Christian life and found that by learning Gospel John through your youtube really helping me to understand and know our Lord Jesus. May God bless you and your family.
- N, Royal Thai Embassy
Mike, it's past 1 am but I've got to thank you for your videos, especially the grace series. I'm learning so much from simple yet concise delivery. I've just passed your video onto an unbeliever who's in a bit of spiritual trouble and it's reaching him. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm gonna get back to the videos now, come to London :)
- Nunzio
I thoroughly enjoyed the study of Genesis and learned so much that can be practically applied. I appreciate the effort and study that I can only imagine were required to complete the series.
- Lisa H.
I just want to tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate BibleTalk. Finally, to find a Church of Christ website. I love the fact that I can study or listen to any subject and clearly understand.
- Sharon H.
The Church of Christ all too often gets a scarlet letter. It is sites like BibleTalk (which are few and far between) that defend and promote the simple truth and love the Church is based upon and I couldn't be happier that I stumbled across it.
- Jesse K.
I recently found your website when preparing for a lesson I was teaching… now I’m hooked. I love your verse by verse approach and scholarly yet approachable style.
- Andy
I want to thank you for bringing me back onto the path of Jesus. I'm often in areas without internet/cell service and I like to listen to your eye opening explanations of the Bible.
- Andreas
I’ve grown up in a Christian home my whole life, but there have been times I have struggled with my faith. I started listening to your series, Getting to Know you God. I just wanted to say thank you for the work that you are doing. The four lessons I have listened to so far have really opened up my mind to a lot of things about God.
- Whoopi
The last few weeks I have looked at each morning. Thank you for helping my faith. I am encouraged to walk in the light even more through your subject matter.
- Gary
Excellent resources for Bible class teachers, preachers and students.
- Chris Hill
Minister, Luther Church of Christ
We are a small congregation with no full-time minister. We have depended on video material from for quality scriptural lessons that would have otherwise been unavailable to us. While we do supplement this with visiting preachers, Mike's work has been the cornerstone of our Sunday morning sermons.
- Bill Schlarb, Bruce Veinot
for the Ottawa West Church of Christ
BibleTalk materials are well done and contain sound Bible Teaching. I encourage churches to become aware of this excellent service.
- Dr. Stafford North
Professor of Bible
Oklahoma Christian University
BibleTalk has become a channel for Mike's passion to reach all nations with the Truth. May many be saved and edified by his clear presentation of God's Word.
- Dayton Keesee
Elder, Choctaw Church of Christ
Mike's lessons are always a blessing ... thank you Mike!
- Facebook Comment
Thank you, please don't stop making videos this really helps me a lot.
- Comment on our YouTube Channel
Please send me more preacher training videos in French!
- Jean Elmera
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Delmas St. Church of Christ,
You made my day! Getting 3 sets of DVDs ready to send to Ghana.
- Ken Hargesheir
DVD Ministry Distribution
Rep. Dominica, Africa, India, Europe
We have used in small group studies and found them effective.
- Gerry Bell, Elder,
Saskatoon, Canada - Gravelbourg Church of Christ has given me access to material I trust, in a format that most people can use and understand.
- Barry Day,
Pulpit Minister,
San Diego - Canyon View Church of Christ
You are encouraging me through your website and media!
- Damonn Burns, Minister,
Indianapolis, IN - Harding St. Church of Christ