Tongue Trouble

Mike Mazzalongo

Ever notice the amount of trouble your tongue gets you into? I think this type of weakness was on Jesus' mind when He chose Peter to become an apostle. A classic story that typified the problem occurs in Matthew 26:35 where Peter blurts out that no matter what, he will never deny or abandon Jesus.

Of course we know that soon after Jesus was arrested Peter, along with the others, not only ran away but when questioned, cursed and swore that he never met Jesus. In this sad story we learn a few important lessons about dealing with our troubled tongues:

1. Don't Speak Before You Think.

Had Peter thought for a moment, he would've realized that Jesus wasn't asking him to go suffer and die. He was only asking him to believe that after His death He would resurrect.

2. Don't Promise What You Can't Deliver.

Sometimes we have to commit, we have to aim at certain goals. But a wise person will not promise what is not his or what he hasn't the ability to produce. Better to admit weakness than prove oneself both weak and foolish.

3. Let the Lord Be on the Tip of Your Tongue at All Times.

Had Peter said, "By your strength Lord, I will not deny you; If you are willing Lord, I will follow," Matthew would have written a completely different scenario.

Thankfully tongue trouble isn't terminal. Peter eventually proclaimed the resurrection and brought the gospel to the Gentiles. We can take comfort in the fact that, like Peter, the Lord can tame our tongues as well, if, like every other thing in our lives, we surrender it to His service.