The Carpenter

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Last month we were in Colorado driving through Garden of the Gods. From there we drove up through Manitou Springs and into the mountains. Finally, we parked at a park in Woodland Park. After touring a few knickknack shops along Midland Ave. We walked up a side street headed back to the car and stumbled across Williams Log Cabin Furniture.

The store was filled with chairs, dinette sets, coffee tables, end tables, rocking chairs, all handcrafted from local rough-cut lumber. Imagine being in a store like that.

Picture what the furniture would look like. What would you be thinking about as you admired the furniture? Would you be thinking "Look at this amazing chair that some hammer made?" Would your thoughts be "What a tremendous job a saw did making this table?"

No, you wouldn't think that because those are just tools. You would be impressed by the carpenter. You would admire the craftsman who knew how to use the tools to create the finished product.

Luke 17:10 says,

So you too, when you do all the things which are commanded you, say, 'We are unworthy slaves; we have done only that which we ought to have done.'

I did not like this verse for a long time. It seemed to be teaching that it was wrong to feel good about a job well done, but I misunderstood what Jesus is saying here. Regardless of how great we think we're doing we truly are unworthy servants. In the end, we are just the tools. Jesus is the Carpenter. He's the one doing the building.

We are fortunate to be used in the building process. It is a blessing just to be a tool in His hands. Jesus is not saying it's wrong to feel good about a job well done. He's saying, "When it comes to spiritual advancement, did you do it or did I do it through you?" It keeps me from getting a big head. I'm just His tool and I'm fine with that.