Lacking in Zeal?

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Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.
- Romans 12:11 [NIV].

From the front of the auditorium if you slowly pan across the room and look at the faces of those who will soon be worshipping God together, there is a passion in the expressions of believers who are grateful to be here. No words are necessary. You can see it in their eyes. There is a brightness about them.

The Bible calls it zeal; that ardent desire to achieve the favor of God. The anticipation that our unified worship is going to accomplish goodness beyond what a band of common people could do on their own. We are told to "never be lacking in zeal." Zeal should go with us everywhere, all the time.

Romans 12:11 says you are to have this quality and to never be without it. Then it says next to "keep your spiritual fervor." Spoudē is the Greek word which is taken from the word for "speed." It implies discontent with the lack of motion. Spiritual fervor says, "Let's go. Let's get things moving. Let's serve the Lord."

If your heart is prepared for worship today, that is exactly how you feel right now. You want to see God honored. Your heart is anxious to sing to Him, to give to Him, to pray to Him.

I don't see any age restriction in Romans 12:11. Do you? It doesn't matter how young you are or how old you are. You should be charged right now with zeal, with spiritual fervor. And that fevered pitch should be with you through every inch of today's worship service and stay with you right out the door until it comes back with you for our next service to be recharged.

Never! Never! Never be lacking in zeal. Perhaps there is someone near you right now who appears to be lacking zeal. Maybe you can help. Would you mind going and sharing some of your spiritual fervor with them?