Develop with Material

All lessons found on are open source. Here is how you can utilize the Open API to build something cool.

Welcome Developer!

Hi, my name is Hal Gatewood and I am the Technology Manager at If you need help with this API or want to let me know what you've built so I can feature it, please email me at

On this page you'll find all the information needed to interact with the content found on


Basic JSON Data

Nearly every page on has a .json file associated with it.

Let's take the lesson No Fool Like a Rich Fool for our example. The URL for this lesson is and if you add .json to the end of the URL you'll receive all the data in a nicely formatted JSON object:

List Pages

The main sections like Sermons, Bible Classes and Devos are what I consider list pages. The objects have an array of objects under the variable items. These pages are accessed the same way as other pages with .json on the end of the URL.


The search page has an included json file. Just put .json on the end as well:

Alexa Endpoints

Here is the data we use to build our official Alexa skill. You can use these to create other apps for different devices or to incorporate into your own skill.