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Pump It Up
I suppose one sign that I'm truly over the hill is that I can no longer stand loud, aggressive music. I never thought that I'd be the one to yell, "Turn it down!"
Teachers' Remembered
I don't recall much of the material we studied in High School an eon ago when I was at that point of my life but I do remember some of my teachers. I can still see Mr. Blanchard trying to teach me the intricacies of Algebra, long after the last bell had rung for the day.
Things That Change
She's lived in the same house for over forty years. I suppose that's why it is so difficult for my wife to lose her mother to illness and advanced age. The picture of her parents in that big old house with the comfortable chairs on the wide porch has remained constant for over four decades.
What Now?
The question of the week has been "What should the President do now?" As most of you know, there's been no shortage of speculation about this issue from the "Beltway" in Washington to kitchen tables across the land. Of course, this is an impossible question for anyone to answer because only on man can make the decision and that is Mr. Clinton, himself.
The Doubting Nun
The recent publishing of Mother Teresa's letters filled with doubt and despair has led many to either praise or pity her. I, along with leading atheist Christopher Hitchens, feel great pity for this brave woman but for different reasons.
Not Guilty
I knew the moment she said, "Not Guilty," that this trial was an emotional loser. Had Mr. Simpson been found guilty (football hero, movie nice guy, etc.) was going to spend a lifetime in prison. The "not guilty" decision left me feeling anguish for the victims and their families.
The 3 R's in Labor Day
The last thing we want to do on the Labor Day weekend is think about "work." But before we leave for the lake or start on the Labor Day project, let's spend a moment reviewing a few main ideas that the Bible has about our work that might be helpful when we get back to the job after the holiday is over.
There Will Never be a Cure
Former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, boldly declared that a cure for AIDS will one day be found. This statement, along with the financial endorsement of Bill and Melinda Gates, had the delegates at the recent International Aids Conference in Toronto cheering.
The Inspiration of the Bible
​Nobody just reads the Bible and says, "I think this book is inspired." It's not just a logical deduction. The Bible actually says this about itself in different places. Doesn't it seem natural that an inspired book would claim this about itself? The Old Testament takes this idea for granted since it continually describes dialogue between God and man.
The Silence Of The Lamb
Then Pilate took Jesus and had Him flogged (John 19:1). When I try to imagine the reality of these words, I become indignant. What impudence, what arrogance, what monumental ignorance for a godless petty official to rain such humiliation on the Author of Life!
Loss of the Cross
As many of you already know, the courts have ordered the city of Edmond to remove the cross symbol from their city seal. This action, in a town where the church is quite numerous, should teach us a few important lessons for the future.
The King Who Matters
The "King of Pop," Michael Jackson, died last week. He will be remembered for his music, performance style, and unfortunate allegations of child molestation as well as the grotesque degeneration of his appearance largely due to an overdependence on plastic surgery.
Y2 - K.O.
What a bust! The survivalists are scratching their heads wondering what went wrong with their hyperactive predictions of chaos on the big "night".
The "Out"rageous Games
Montreal is hosting and quite proud of the "Out" games this week. Newspapers are filled with pictures of men in drag, women holding hands, and announcements of great parties featuring "Gay" themes. All in the name of human rights, diversity, and sports.
Tobacco Statistics
OK. Let's decide it once and for all. Tobacco use, sinful or not? If it isn't we'll leave well enough alone, if it is then all the Christians who use it need to stop.
He Could've Been a Role Model
Tommy Morrison, the heavyweight boxer from Oklahoma, has tested positive for the H.I.V. virus. He faced the media with this announcement recently and finished his news conference with the words, "I could have been a role model but I blew my chance."
Cup Fever
Aside from the two cheek "kiss", Montréal is best known for its hockey madness. Now that the Canadiens are in the playoffs for the Stanley Cup Championship there is a total media blitz about the team and its chances to score the biggest prize in hockey.
Lord of Weather
The weather is much in the news at this time of year and there is endless discussion about its impact on the earth. We know, however, that regardless of its severity or change, the weather is meant to be a ministering agent for the Lord.
Taming The Future
Every year at this time the Pundits and Futurists publish their predictions for the state of the Human Race.
The Religious Agenda of Muslims
There have always been difficulties in integrating immigrants into mainstream Canadian society. The underlying fear of Muslim immigrants, however, might be the suspicion that as an aggressive, proselytizing religion, they might have a religious agenda that has at its core the eventual overtaking of the Christian majority.
Revival At The Flying "J"
She won us over in a minute. We staggered into the truck stop after an 800 mile drive. We were hungry, tired, and in no mood for polite talk. Our waitress had her own problems, having to cover two separate seating sections since she was obviously the only server on the floor. This did not defeat her good humor and attentiveness however.
Sooner Spirit
The thrilling victory scored over Nebraska is sure to keep Sooner fans happy for a long time to come. Aside from an excellent effort by the Norman squad, their play reminded me of the larger game of Christian living and what we need to remember when facing our greatest opponent, Satan and his forces:
The Illusion of Safety
The recent media coverage of the 5th anniversary of the 9/11 attack offered politicians the opportunity to promote their various takes on how "safe" we are from future attacks. All were cautious in their assesments of our vulnerability, as they should be.
They Could Have Been Champions
So you’re the disputed winners of the Olympic gold medal in pairs’ figure skating from Russia, what do you do? You could hang on to your prize and fight off criticism that your victory is tainted, never really exulting in, or being recognized for, this achievement. Or...